Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Because they have been trying to destroy the Downtown Eastside since 1913

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Only welcomes articles, photos, and tips. But we’ve very picky and we’re in a position that we’re not forced by deadlines nor advertising considerations to accept things just to fill space.

When we stopped the newsprint edition of Only, we encouraged our news and feature writers to focus their efforts on Megaphone. Megaphone covers city and political features like noone else in Vancouver and Only continues to recommend that serious writers and photographers approach them with their story ideas.

That’s not to say that you can’t pitch us stories about Vancouver neighbourhoods and politics. Megaphone wishes to change the world, Only is content to watch it burn.

We love your photos of Vancouver. Our Flickr group has been running for over six years now and still growing. It’s open to everyone, join here.

We select our weekly Big Photo from the pool. Just tag your photo with ‘OnlyMagazine’ to get in.

We’re interested in profiles on Vancouver artists and musicians of any genre. We’re not interested in reviews of shows. Maybe, maybe, we’re interested in a piece on a touring act but if its going to be in the Straight or, god help us, the Sun, please keep it to yourself. Or sell it to them.

We’re always interested in people to help cover major events like the Culture Crawl, Music Waste, Vancouver International Film Festival, Shindig, etc.

Credit Check
Credit Check is the daily quality of life audit of Vancouver. We’re always open to one-line pithy statements (with link to website) on Lower Mainland politics, sports. restaurants, news, or anything you can string a bad pun around.

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